100 % effectif against "ALL BIRDS"

The system

Harmless but on forgettable

0-birds M-2 2508130-birds L-3 2508130-birds XL-4 250813DSC_0467

The rods are made of stainless steel are 3mm thick; they must be clicking into the base After that, they wil be connected to an "Puls generator " (energizer) which will put an electro magnetic shock on the "Zero Birds System" harmless but on forgettable

DSC_0438 2

Because the fact that every bird always touch minimum 2 rods in the same time (with leg or feathers), they will have a
harmless but on forgettable shock; and leave the place forever !




De Zero Birds Bases (rod holders) are available in different models .
Depending on the situation, problem location, kind of birds which causses the problems, etc.. you can select from 4 kind of types polycarbonate Bases 2 - 3 - 4 - 6
These bases you could glue with an MS Polymer glue, screw, or rivet them. the bases are all prepared for that with 3 mm holes in the bottom of the bases



Kusters zero Birds02

The birds leave the place (area) forever !
0-birds XL 6 birds