100 % effectif against "ALL BIRDS"

0-birds base M-2 2508130-birds base l-3 2508130-birds base xl 4 2508130 birds XL 6 250813


zero birds bases

De Zero Birds Bases (rod holders) are available in different models .
Depending on the situation, problem location, kind of birds which causses the problems,
etc.. you can select from 4 kind of types polycarbonate Bases 2 - 3 - 4 - 6
These bases you could glue with an MS Polymer glue, screw, or rivet them.
The bases are all prepared for that with 3 mm holes in the bottom of the bases.

ZB-XL-6 Box40DSC_0572
ZB-XL-4 Box40DSC_0567
ZB-L-3 Box80DSC_0569

ZB-M-2 Box100DSC_0570

Each tube has 100 meter in it, standard length is one meter with spring 102 cm
All rods have standard on one side an connection spring, so you can start directly with installing.

0-birds rods + connection +tube

Zero Birds staaf bundel

This bundle with 100 meter rods is easy to carry with a weight of only 5,5 kg

ZBboite100 metre

Special for export we put the rods in chest (coffre)
In this case above each chest contains 1000 meter rods 10 bundles of 100 meter
We do pack the stainless steel rods in an tube folie so it is not possible that the stainless
will contamine with other metal or dirt during transport or stock.
You wish, we do ! an other length or packing all is possible, ask for it !

Zero Birds Staven 01

Above each chest contains 10 x 63 rods of 160 cm ( about 1000 meter)

0-birds spring-30 250813 0-birds spring-80 250813 DSC_0379

Springs, high tension cable, glue, Puls generators, all available in our web shop

0-birds solar panel 12 V 250813

Zero Birds01

0-birds pulsgenerator P700 250813

ZB-TW-T cable03 ZB-TW-T cable018

ZB-TW-T cable01 ZB-TW-T cable07 ZB-TW-T cable09

ZB-TW-T cable06 zb08
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